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Love Song

It's all I can do to keep my feet in one place.

What is it we chase at this pace?

Of all the spaces we fill in a life,

I'll never be a love song.


Of all the arrows that show where to go,

They never really know, we ebb we flow.

I've no answer to every little moment in time.

I'll never be a love song.


Of all the little things you overlook,

My coat on the hook, my nose in a book.

When it's all you can do keep a look on your face,

I'll never be a love song.


With all the faces you see in a day,

what is it they say? It pours when it rains?

When it's all you can do to keep your head in the sand,

I'll never be a love song.


I'll make believe, that I'm your song.

I'm in your head each waking moment.

while the lines play over and over.

Still touches you even now.


Only For Tonight

I know we can be saved

only so many times.

But I need this one like never before.

We live dangerous lives;

in dangerous times.

And I'm here again

standing at your door.


Come save me.

I'm dying here.

How I want you.

Come take me

away from this;

If only for tonight.

Only for tonight.


I know, it's plain to see,

a sight for sore eyes,

that I need you more than ever before.

We see horrible crimes;

Dangerous minds.

And I need to know

What I'm working for.

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